How Coupons and Deals benefit online buyers in India

March 12, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Shopping

E-commerce has grown drastically in India since 2013. In 2016 Indian shoppers spent around $8.7 billion indicating a drastic increase of 6.7 % over 2015. Just 13% of the e-commerce shoppers in India use coupons and discounts; many think that the coupons are not real so they end up ignoring them. Instead, they prefer to their existing traders to buy products at normal price. Buyers who do not take advantage of discounts and coupons offered by sellers are missing out by buying goods at a higher price instead of taking advantage of the coupons to slash down the buying price.


Benefits of Coupon and Deals


Saves Money: The biggest benefit of using coupon and deals is to save money. People are always looking for ways on how they can save money when shopping, one can get to save around 50% of their bill in online stores. Instead of buying high prized goods, shoppers should take advantage of the discounts offered in products.


Customer Loyalty: Coupon deals drive customers to specific online stores because they are assured of coupon rewards. When a customer buys multiple times in a single they create a good reputation. This means that the customer can get better deals or even buy goods in credit and pay at a later date especially people who buy in bulk.


Try Something New: Coupons are a great way to encourage shoppers to try out something new.


Buy in Bulk: Buyers should use coupon deals because providing a reason to stock up more items and save money at the same time. Most products have a coupon deal of buy one get two or buy three get five. This deal encourages buyers to buy more because they will be saving money.


Marketing: Indian e-retail store owners can take advantage and start issuing coupons to buildup brand name of the business and attract more buyers. Customers will know shopping at your store equals to saving money.


Stock Clearance: Coupons deals play a significant part during stock clearance. Indian traders who own online stores should use this tip when they have stock to clear or when the products are near to expire. Coupon deals can help clear a huge bulk in a short time.


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